GIB's Solutions

GIB Forecasting

More accurately predict future demand without having to extract data from your SAP system

GIB Controlling

Balance your inventory to maximize service and minimize inventory cost

GIB Operations

Analyze, simulate, and execute your MRP process from one central cockpit

GIB Planning

Balance and sequence your production plans to achieve maximum asset utilization & minimize down time

Optimized supply chain management begins with dependable sales forecasting

Our sales planning and forecasting module is fast and easy to use. Reliable forecast procedures facilitate rolling sales planning, allowing you to focus on materials and product groups that can hardly be forecasted. This helps you optimize your planning for the long term. It also gives you the possibility of implementing your forecast procedures promptly, thus increasing your readiness for delivery and optimizing your inventory.

Control and optimize processes with intelligent key figures


Our Controlling module helps you optimize your inventory for the long term – with minimal effort. Industry-specific rule sets may be based on however many dimensions you prefer, such as service classes or product lifecycles. These rule sets are implemented as predefined industry content. Within the rule sets you define measurement items and key figures which will henceforth provide proposals for setting your MRP parameters. The special aspect of a rule set is that it allows you to maintain – or even increase – your readiness for delivery while your inventory is optimized at the same time.

    Handling everyday MRP activities – Save time. Get the big picture

    With our Operations module, you can navigate though your day-to-day business and be sure to make smart and solid decisions in materials planning. Thanks to individual user layouts and predefined default layouts, all MRP-relevant information can be retrieved and displayed. This includes: Missing parts, exception messages as well as requirements and consumptions.

    Reconcile volatile requirements with ease

    Our Planning module provides support as you plan labor and machine capacities. The main dashboard keeps you up to date at all times on the current processing status of your production orders. It provides information on maintenance and servicing and displays ongoing service activities and planned orders. In addition to the ideal transparency this creates, the application also allows you to trigger necessary measures and planning steps right from the dashboard. This enables you to check the feasibility of new or additional orders with a simple drag-and-drop function – even before the order has been accepted. Any necessary adjustments – such as those due to special shifts, downtime, or plant vacations – can be included swiftly into your planning and calculation.