Optimized supply chain management begins with dependable sales forecasting









Your supply chain needs an accurate forecast as the foundation for planning and execution, but your people can’t afford the time to manage every material, or the wasted effort of exporting data for off-system analysis.  That is why GIB has developed an advanced, automated demand forecasting tool that runs inside of SAP.  With GIB Forecasting, you get a statistical forecast you can rely on, and the tools to arrive at a final demand plan quickly. 


  •  Forecast models covering all demand patterns
  •  Automatic pattern detection and model selection
  •  Flexible planning structures to fit your business
  •  Built-in performance and quality measures
  •  Enables exception based management
  • Accurate forecasts
  • Efficient & effective consensus planning
  • Quickly identify forecast quality issues and root cause
  • Leverage your current SAP landscape
  • No additional hardware or SaaS costs
  •  Sales Management
  •  Supply Chain Management
  •  Manufacturing
  •  CFO

Stefan Renk

Executive SCM Processes, Trilux GmbH & Co. KG

"GIB Dispo-Cockpit Forecast significantly reduced our forecasting efforts while increasing the reliability of the forecasts.“

Intuitive Interaction Cockpit

Demand Influencing Factors


Your business is variable and dynamic, so your supply chain needs more than a look at the past to predict the future.  With GIB, you can easily supplement the statistical baseline forecast with relevant market events and conditions to arrive at a final demand plan that can drive long term planning and MRP. 


All Demand Patterns Covered

Chances are you have materials that exhibit all forms of demand behaviors.  From constant, trend, seasonal, trend seasonal and sporadic, GIB has models specifically tuned to handle the variability and complexity of your business.


Planning hierarchy

The tools to run your business should flex to meet your requirements.   That’s why design flexibility is a key feature in how we have built GIB Forecasting.  You can easily structure your demand planning to complement your sales and operations planning process.


Intuitive Interaction Cockpit

GIB Forecasting gives your users the best of both worlds; an intuitive user interface and real-time data access.  Users prefer the ease of working with Excel, but don’t want the added work of pulling data out of and into SAP.  GIB delivers a spreadsheet like user interface inside of SAP so users can easily analyze and execute demand planning inside of SAP without the added expense of data movement.

Automatic Forecast Model Selection

Having proven forecast models available is good, but the key to great demand planning is the ability to automatically detect and select the right model at the lowest level of your supply chain.  This is an area where GIB Forecasting excels.  Our solution employs eleven forecast error and tracking signal measures to arithmetically determine the best fit model. 

GIB Forecasting

More accurately predict future demand without having to extract data from your SAP system

GIB Controlling

Balance your inventory to maximize service and minimize inventory cost

GIB Operations

Analyze, simulate, and execute your MRP process from one central cockpit

GIB Planning

Balance and sequence your production plans to achieve maximum asset utilization & minimize down time