Reconcile volatile requirements with ease

Our Planning module provides support as you plan labor and machine capacities. The main dashboard keeps you up to date at all times on the current processing status of your production orders. It provides information on maintenance and servicing and displays ongoing service activities and planned orders. In addition to the ideal transparency this creates, the application also allows you to trigger necessary measures and planning steps right from the dashboard. This enables you to check the feasibility of new or additional orders with a simple drag-and-drop function – even before the order has been accepted. Any necessary adjustments – such as those due to special shifts, downtime, or plant vacations – can be included swiftly into your planning and calculation.

  • Dynamic planning tables
  • Sequencing for an optimum use of finite capacities
  • Overview of short, medium, and long-term planning in one dashboard
  • Early recognition of critical situations
  • Confirmations during production processes
  • OEE monitor
  • Highly transparent
  • No interface (online, in your SAP)
  • Error-free production planning that saves time
  • Immediate triggering of necessary measures in cases of bottlenecks/conflict/overload – across different planning areas 
  • Early-warning system for capacity bottlenecks
  • Rescheduling in alternative work centers via drag and drop
  • Setup optimization
  • Production control
  • Production planning
  • Work scheduling

John Hooker

Vice President of IT, GOJO Industries, Inc.

"We were having problems sequencing our production floor. With our business, you need to line up the different formulations that you’re producing so you don’t have to do a lot of cleaning and sanitation of your production lines. So the G.I.B. planning cockpit gave us the ability to visually see our different process orders, get those lined up correctly so we didn’t need to do those kinds of changeovers."

Special Features of GIB Planning

Planned orders

In case of the implementation of GIB Controlling and GIB Operations, the modules communicate with each other and can be called directly via button or hotspot, thanks to integrated access options.

This demonstrates the comprehensive approach of providing the largest possible set of relevant information for realizing a fast and modern operation mode in day-to-day business. So the necessary transparency is given in order to make reliable decisions and to safeguard competitive edges.

Planning dashboard

Available capacities and capacity loads can be disclosed from one work center over work center groups and hierarchies.

Screen container layout

Design your individual display options in Screen Container Layout (SCL). Open, customizable, and with virtually unlimited possibilities. Simply set the definition and layout (no programming required). You can even design several monitors to suit your preferences.

GIB Forecasting

More accurately predict future demand without having to extract data from your SAP system

GIB Controlling

Balance your inventory to maximize service and minimize inventory cost

GIB Operations

Analyze, simulate, and execute your MRP process from one central cockpit

GIB Planning

Balance and sequence your production plans to achieve maximum asset utilization & minimize down time